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Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's snowing!

Actually, I'm posting this on Wed., Feb. 23rd....

Anyways, go figure... Daffodils are up about 6 inches or so and crocuses have come out and it decides to snow. Huge flakes today for awhile. I love looking at the snow but was kind of looking forward to the Spring. Oh well, won't be long and I'll be very busy out in the garden..... digging in the dirt and anticipating all those gorgeous flowers coming into bloom!

I'm back at Hornby after spending about 10 days in Victoria. Was great to see friends and family as always but now am looking forward to using some of my new art supplies. Finished another painting about 10 days ago so am just posting that to my acrylics page today. It is a painting of the Sooke River just above where it starts flowing down into the potholes.

The owner of Arbutus Arts Gallery was over before I left for Victoria and is interested in putting some of my paintings in her gallery. I am very happy about that and will be focusing on Hornby Island scenes so that I'll have a few ready for May. Am also thinking of trying a few flowers and maybe some ducks and other birds as Sam has taken some pretty remarkable photos on our recent walks.