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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer's a-coming!

Time really flies when you are having fun! Way faster even than when you are out-of-your mind and stressed to the max at work. Anyways, been a busy Spring and am getting ready for some art shows on Hornby Island. The first two shows we are only allowed 3 maximum and that would be small paintings due to the number of artists going into the show. The first one is coming up this weekend at the Community Hall and I still haven't decided which ones I'll be putting in. The second show is again at the Community Hall around the July long weekend. I believe it is for 5 days. The third is at the ARCS building (Arts Society) for the month of July and I think we get about 6 by 6 feet to display our works. Hence the busyness...

As you know I also painted a stool along with about 50 or so other artists who have done chairs, stools and tables that will be auctioned off at the end of July. This is a fundraiser to benefit HUGGS whose aim is to help the grandmothers in Africa who are dealing with AIDS/HIV.

My newest endeavour is to paint a birdhouse and this I believe is for the Hornby Festival Society fundraiser. Again artists involved and an auction at the end of the Hornby festival. All good stuff for sure!

On another very very positive note, Sam only has 14 more days to go! The time went fast for him as well as me but I know he is going to be thrilled on that day that he doesn't have to leave again. ME TOO!!! We are thinking of having a little celebration with whoever will come (completely informal) just to say Yeah, we did it! And....then the next stage of our lives will unfold TOGETHER! Yah baby!