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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mother Nature is really teasing us now....

It's not nice Mother Nature!  Just two days ago we had temperatures up in the 24 degree it is 13 and I feel like I'm freezing out there.  The wind is just chilly enough to warrant a few layers of clothing. 

So Spring has sprung and the first official art showing for the Island Gallery took place on the May long weekend.  We, however, were off island and touring around in our motorhome. Luckily a friend put a couple of my paintings in for me.  We visited Hope, Penticton, Vernon, Watch Lake, Alice Lake and then headed back home.  Great to see our moms and good friends and family!  
Me and Momsey in Vernon
After 3 days of gardening and weeding, I am still way behind in this department.  Also feeling like I need to get really cracking with the painting in order to keep enough stock for the summer shows.  Went to an Island Gallery meeting and was asked to coordinate a big art show in August at the Anderson Road winery.  Firstly I better figure out what I need to do.  

The herring season was pretty amazing this year - Sam was right there watching when all the hallabaloo broke out at Helliwell Park this year.  Unfortunately I was away trying to get a tooth fixed in Sooke but check out some pictures that Sam took and you'll see for yourself how exciting it was.  Okay, I forgive you Mother Nature!  

This guy reminds me of Sam....LOL
Well, I continue to paint and had a very good month with sales of 14 paintings for the month of best ever by far.  Let's hope it is a trend.  Just finished a few more paintings this month and am almost finished a 30"x 36" painting of a very dynamic old arbutus tree. 

Sam also continues to practice at the folk music workshops, music theory and ukulele and recently played at New Horizons as part of the Hornby choir performance!  Go Sam go!

Actually got to the beach and layed in sun the other day which was amazing!  Even played some frisbee with Sam.  Ha ha.