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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Website Update and other stuff...

I have decided to take my paintings pages off this blog because they are now on my new website....
I was happy to sell my first painting from there in October to a lady in Grande Prairie! I have added a new painting to my website and have completed six 6"x 6"paintings for the Christmas ringside event and art show at the Island Gallery on Dec. 8th. I am hoping to also get a big painting done for the Co-op Art show at the end of this month although it is not looking that promising at this time. We can only hope.

The Fall has been very busy indeed and we have now taken down some more trees on the far side of our property to make a space to keep our Motorhome as well as a site for the new studio. It won't be that big but will provide more space than what I have and I won't have to worry about getting paint on the floor, cupboards and window. I will miss the space though as it is pretty handy being right off the living room. I don't expect the studio will be built for a year or so but it's in the plans!

On another note, we've had some pretty wicked storms lately and a few power outages. We had no ferries for a couple of weeks while a Vancouver company completed a new ferry terminal. Once it was back and running, we went to town to get stocked up on meat and other items. Unfortunately we had to go back a few days later as our poor old dog, Nellie, is having some major problems that are causing us a little stress as well. She can't settle down at night and paces, pants and whines. She is now on anxiety drugs but even those are not working all the time.

On a better note, Sam has now joined a ukulele group and I have joined Tai Chi which we are both enjoying.

So, as of today, we are almost a month away from Christmas. I am happy that my Mom is coming here for Christmas and New Years. I'll be picking her up in Victoria in a few weeks and we'll spend some time there and hope to visit my uncle in Nanaimo on the way up.