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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Everything is switch'n up...

Yes....lots of changes. Sam is retired - Yeah! Other than the snoring I love him being here. We are having fun and everything is pretty sweet. Had some parties, had some visitors, gone to some great youngest brother, Don and Mary in Squamish area were recently married. Now on to my niece's wedding -new couple, Lindsay and Ryan! Very much looking forward to seeing them tie the knot as well as all the Elder clan that will be there.

Trying to keep up with the yard work and painting but it does become difficult when there is soooooo much happening all around you. I have been in 4 art shows in the last month and am now in all the art galleries and also in the pottery shop at the Ringside market. Have also sold a couple of paintings and am totally enjoying all the support of the Hornby artists and gallery employees!

My latest endeavour is a bird house that will be in the Hornby Island Festival Auction - proceeds to go to the Festival for future events.... It was quite fun to do. It is called "House of the Dancing Lights"... I got my inspiration from the grain of the wood on the bare bird house.