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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Living in paradise!

There are no words to describe how I feel compared to how I felt 6 weeks ago.

My total years of working were 35 and that's not including my part-time jobs while in school. In the last 20 years I worked in the health care industry as an Executive Assistant to the CEO of a fairly big complex care facility. I knew that I needed to quit while my health was still fairly intact as it was getting worse in the last couple of years with extra stress due to increased workload because of health care cutbacks and the expectation that everyone should work at 110% (like that really possible). I was damaging my health and decided it was time to take matters into my own hands and retire at only 55 years young.

I am elated.... I feel free now! I almost feel as giddy as when I got out of high school and my life felt like it was just beginning with so many unknowns coming my way. What I am doing now is mostly for me, us (family) ...sounds a little selfish but as I recover from the insanity of constant pressure and expectations, I relish walking, gardening, talking, listening, tasting, cooking, smelling, reading........every bird that chirps enthralls me and my senses; every branch that sways in the wind, gives me a sense of how wonderful and beautiful nature is. Anyways, you get the picture.
As an aside, I am sooooooo happy Katt is now bloggin - check her out at ; I'm really looking forward to her novels big time!