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Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas and then the New Year began...

We had a great Christmas with my Mom, Dustin & Brodie and then brought in the New Year at the Hall listening to Gypsy Caravan music with Marc Atkinson and his band as well as Daniel Lapp. Most people were dressed in gypsy attire including myself.

Life was fairly busy all through the season but I did get the painting done for the Co-op and submitted paintings in two Island Gallery shows.

I have also finished a 20"x 24"Acrylic painting of Lisa and Doug's backyard path through the trees. I was very happy with it and they both loved it!
Unfortunately I had some very sad news in January that my good friend Wendy had passed away. She will be missed by many but especially her children Jodi and Ryan. R.I.P. Wendy.

I recently started some more painting lessons with Tara Ireland who I hold in high regard. My last lesson I decided to paint with oils for the first time and was mildly surprised to find out that I was really impressed with the medium. The class is such a great time and it is so much fun painting with some very interesting artists. I plan to try some flower paintings using this medium starting this week.

I am also very happy that my old childhood buddy that I have known from the age of about 6 is moving back to Canada from Singapore. Really hope that I get to see Karen and Christer more often now that they are home.

So January is upon us and the remaining winter months will go fast. We've had a smattering of snow but more is expected this week. We've had a few good walks up Mount Geoffrey and Helliwell Park. Sam is taking many pictures that are pretty amazing. Our good friends Pat and Peter were just up from Brentwood Bay and we had a great weekend with them. I finally created the ultimate yorkshire puddings for our roast beef dinner the other night but unfortunately the oven had to be cleaned afterwards.....BIG mess!

Well, life goes on and what more can I say other than I'm still loving being retired and being able to do what I want (most of the time). HAPPY NEW YEAR!