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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Oh well! On a good note I have been doing some new paintings and yes, my style changes as I go....somewhat. I'm really enjoying oils and also doing still life paintings which in the past I haven't been all that keen about. Not now! Here are a couple of oils that I recently completed. I have done many more in my painting workshops as well and some of the better ones will be on display in the Island Gallery for Easter along with other artists who have also been painting at the workshops put on by Tara Ireland.

This next one called "Plate of Grapes" has been sold....
I am currently working on 3 more paintings....2 are almost complete....and I will be starting another probably tomorrow. With drying times for oils it is best to work on a few at a time, so stay posted.

Unfortunately we have not had the privilege of going anywhere south for the hot and sunny weather which was kind of in our retirement plans. Poor old Nellie, our lab/retriever is having geriatric issues so figure it just wouldn't be fair to leave her in the hands of anyone else....for her sake and their sake.

Springtime is definitely on the horizon as I have been able to spend a few days out working in the yard. Many spring flower bulbs are now up, the clematis is starting to bloom and there are flower buds on the ornamental trees!